This Collection brings together the vibrant fresh and juicy combinations of a wide range of specially blended premium Citrus based Fragrances.

The Citrus Collection

Black Raspberry & Vanilla
An exquisite combination of Ripened Black Raspberries and Berries, with 
White Florals at its core, layered on a bed of White Musk.

Coconut Lemongrass
A truly beautiful fragrance. It encaptures Coconut, Lemongrass , Lime and Pineapple with just a suggestion of Vanilla at its base.

Coconut Lime
A refreshing fusion of fresh Coconuts, Limes and Lemon Zest blended with a subtle Vanilla base.

Chamomile Grapefruit
A delicious blend of zesty Grapefruits, Limes, and Bergamot interacting with floral hints of Chamomile.

Coconut Mango
The scent of Summer.! Combining juicy Mango’s mixed with Berries, with lashings of fresh Coconuts.

Lime,Basil & Mandarin
A Premium fragrance combining fresh zesty citrus notes of both Lime and Mandarin with undertones of Basil and Herbs.

Persian Lime & Lemongrass – Citrus Collection
The fresh citrus aroma of Lemongrass is combined with the zest of Lemons and Limes creating this popular fragrance.

Pina Colada
A tropical blend of juicy Pineapples and mouth watering Tangerines blended with layers of Coconut and Hibiscus.

Raspberry & Lemon Spritz
A clean subtle fragrance with sweet notes of Raspberry and Lemon Sugar blended with just a light Spritz of Jasmine and Coconut.

Tangerine Lime – Citrus Collection
A bold and juicy combination of ripened Tangerines and Limes. Has almost a hint of Coconut and Vanilla at its base.