Scented Indulgence

It is a privilege to be able to share this with you my journey that is now become my passion which is quite simply called Scented Indulgence.

It all began around 15 years ago when I was becoming increasingly despondent spending large amounts of money on well known factory mass produced home fragrancing products that didn’t achieve a quarter of the fragrance throw it was promising whilst offering no longevity of any kind.

As a lifetime lover of fragrance I began thinking “Whats stopping me from making my own Products?” So my quest to learn as much as I could about the intricate and multi faceted art of Candle Making began. Never realising the depth and detailed knowledge I would be required to learn to help make this a reality.

It was also imperative to me that I only use the most Premium and Highest Quality components in all of my Products which I stand by today. This has been my philosophy throughout this entire journey and for me it is Non Negotiable.

My belief has always been that if any Sub Standard components are used in the making of any Home Fragrance Products then it is quite simply impossible to create the Highest Premium Quality Product by its completion.

Now 15 years on and this is still my focus across my Entire Range. Which now includes Hand Poured Infused Reed Diffusers, Soy Wax Melts, Hand Poured Room Sprays and so much more to come.

I am constantly updating to the latest Styles, Containers and Trending Colour Palette’s in all of my Collections ensuring they will suit all decors.

I am still learning about the new complexities that present themselves constantly and will always continue to strive to create the Highest Level of Quality Products across my Complete Range.

“I truly believe that the Sensual and Soothing Addition of Any of our  Exquisitely  Fragranced Products Will Create a New Level of Level of Style and Sophistication to your Home”

“It’s Time To Indulge The Sense’s” 
Scented Indulgence
Kathy Little

Our Fragrances

“At Scented Indulgence our entire range of Hand Poured Products have been created using only the most Premium Grade Fragrance Oils that are available in the marketplace today”
This ensures that every product and fragrance choice will be superior in Quality and will perform to your highest expectations. 

Our 100% Soy Wax

Our Pure Soy Wax is free from any Added Toxins, Chemicals or Additives. Contains No Crude Oil By-Products such as Paraffin which by itself can present those with Sensitive Respiratory Problems Added Breathing Difficulties. 

Pure Soy Wax contains no GMO ( Genetically Modified Organisms) and creates no Carcinogens whilst burning. It is a Natural Renewable Source, it’s Bio Degradable and reduces your use of Fossil Fuels. 

Pure Soy Wax also burns at a much lower temperature lasting up to 50% longer compared to Petroleum Based Waxes. This ensures a Far Superior Burn Time compared to its Paraffin Wax Counterparts.
“Scented Indulgence”

Scented Indulgence Products